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  • Mahavir has divided the production site into three major safety zones: Production, Administrative and Analytical.
  • Personnel protective equipments like Helmet, Hand Glove, Safety Goggles, Gum Boot, Nose Mask, Safety Belt, Blanket etc. are provided as per the need of working zone.
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet of all the chemicals has been made available.
  • Plan showing the location of safety equipment and fire fighting equipment has been displayed at prominent locations.
  • Off site-on site emergency plan is in place.
  • Safety officer provides necessary training to the employee.
  • Safety Equipments
  • Fire Hydrant- Under progress
  • Fire Extinguisher- Provided
  • Mask
  • Self Breathing Apparatus : Provided
  • Air Mask : Provided
  • Fire Suite – Provided
  • First Aid Box- Provided
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Mahavir was pioneer in many reactive dyes-intermediates. After establishing the “BRAND – MAHAVIR” in Indian Market, business was expanded in overseas market of dyes-intermediates with the involvement of second generation – Vatsal D. Naik.