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We, at Mahavir Synthesis,are primarily into manufacture of fine specialty chemicals with wide varying applications. With over 40 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, Mahavir is a leading solutions provider in Sachin GIDC – where it is located.

The main success in this field is due to the indispensable experience acquired by Mahavir in its several years of existence, high-yielding chemistry selection and simplistic yet efficient plant design and operation. Consistent quality and timely supply make Mahavir a strong frontrunner in this field.

The products in this division are mainly comprising of aryl sulfonic acids, sulfonamides and some aliphatic acyl chlorides. A huge volume of these products is used as intermediates in textile, leather, paper and food dyes.
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Mahavir was pioneer in many reactive dyes-intermediates. After establishing the “BRAND – MAHAVIR” in Indian Market, business was expanded in overseas market of dyes-intermediates with the involvement of second generation – Vatsal D. Naik.