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Inception of first manufacturing unit in the name of Mahavir Dye Chem industries. Mr. Dinker Naik, after having experience of working with leading Indian chemical industries, started activities with 10 people, 1000 Sq. meters of land & with capital of Rs. 0.1 Mn. Manufacturer of Naphthalene intermediate like Sulfo tobias acid, Indian K-acid and N-methyl J-acid started with a capacity of 30 MTA.

Progress: Group had grown over decades and four small scale manufacturing facilities were created to produce about 2400 MTA of about 30 various intermediates. Second generation entered in the business. Turnover reached to USD 4 Mn. Chinese competition became fierce.

Transformation: To compete with international market, the concept of small scale operations needed to be changed. Superior manufacturing infrastructure was required to be set up. We decided to create a central manufacturing facility rather than having scattered small units in order to optimize costs. Mahavir Synthesis Pvt Ltd was conceptualized on a land of about 35000 sq mtrs.

Strength Development: Chinese influence hindered our capacity expansion during 2000-2005. We worked out on our business structure limitations. We transformed from an unorganized firm structure to a system supported business structure. Custom made ERP system was implemented. We believed that robust business system is a prerequisite to an expanded manufacturing facility.

We foresee that Chinese competition has come to saturation and we are getting fair and level playing ground. With better centralized manufacturing facility, we will have expanded product range and wider market range.

New investments made in the ETP were realized. Mahavir’s motto is lean manufacture of chemicals with minimal waste generation, and proper treatment of waste by the appropriate treatment technique. The new ETP shall help in fulfilling this motto in the future.

New plants were added to the existing manufacturing facility as a part of the company’s unrelenting urge to expand product profile and add various core competencies to the company portfolio.
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Mahavir was pioneer in many reactive dyes-intermediates. After establishing the “BRAND – MAHAVIR” in Indian Market, business was expanded in overseas market of dyes-intermediates with the involvement of second generation – Vatsal D. Naik.