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Incepted in 1973, Mahavir is known as one of the pioneers among it’s peers. After inception, Mahavir capitalized on the gap in market and became one of the biggest producers of dyes intermediates in the region. As time went on, Mahavir had to work extensively on product development and export routes to keep up with the Chinese competition. Many investments were also made around this time, none more so than in Effluent Treatment and proper Effluent Management Systems. Ever since then Mahavir has been on-route it’s journey to consolidating of it’s markets and finding new avenues for expansion of business.

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Agro Chemicals

The 40-year old chemical company Mahavir has also delved into Agriculture. With appropriate safety measures and ability to control over reaction parameters closely, Mahavir has been able to manufacture intermediate…


We, at Mahavir Synthesis,are primarily into manufacture of fine specialty chemicals with wide varying applications. With over 40 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, Mahavir is a leading solutions provider…


Running along the lines of Mahavir’s motto of ‘Constant Progression’, this division was created in 2018 to explore, expand and secure new markets such as the Pharmaceutical market. Most of…
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In over 40 years of existence, Mahavir has received much critical acclaim for being consistent in quality and shipment. We do the most to make sure that the quality of…


With a versatile and experienced staff of over 200 employees, Mahavir is a uniquely research-oriented and technically-aligned company. Knowing about our products, knowing about our technology, knowing the needs of…


Mahavir’s philosophy is to “behave like the extended arm of the customer”. Facilitating smooth business for customers is Mahavir’s trademark. Here at Mahavir the customer and their needs always come…


Mahavir’s innate tendency to look for constant progression tends to remain heavily involved in areas like Research and Development, Efficient Plant Operations and effluent management systems. We make it our…

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    Mahavir was pioneer in many reactive dyes-intermediates. After establishing the “BRAND – MAHAVIR” in Indian Market, business was expanded in overseas market of dyes-intermediates with the involvement of second generation – Vatsal D. Naik.