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Material Handling

Mahavir uses safe and modern tools for material handling. The design principle is minimum human contact with chemicals and close operation in most safe manner.
Solids :Our warehouses are equipped with pallet racking system. Fork lift, fully electric stacker, Hydraulic hand pallet carts, Hydraulic lift and electric hoists are used to move solid raw materials and products.
Liquid : Storage tanks, day tanks, fixed pipe lines and pump network handles the liquid raw materials. Tanks are equipped with level indicators and overflow switches backed up by overflow lines.
Gases : Gases are stored in specially designed cylinders and storage area is equipped with gas detectors, emergency alarm and scrubbing system.
Dispatch : We have well equipped facility for container stuffing. Our dispatch area has hydraulic dock leveller and palletized goods can be stuffed in container at factory itself.
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Mahavir was pioneer in many reactive dyes-intermediates. After establishing the “BRAND – MAHAVIR” in Indian Market, business was expanded in overseas market of dyes-intermediates with the involvement of second generation – Vatsal D. Naik.