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Director’s Profile

Mr. Dinker C. Naik
He was son of a farmer and started his career as a school teacher. Soon he realized that education is not his piece of cake and he took job in industries. He garnered experience in chemical industries for six years and their after ventured into a small scale manufacturing business of his own with the help of financial partners. He set up many successful projects in his three decades of business career. He always challenged the limits and became pioneer in many products. He took active interest not only in developing his own industries but worked for the community at large. He has headed many government and non government associations and chaired many committees. Today he is retired from business but is active in social, educational, sports and spiritual causes. He is serving many schools, collages, social welfare organizations and sports clubs in his capacity as President, Secretary or director. His philosophy is that one should return to the society what he has received from it.

Mr. Vatsal D. Naik
He pursued his studies of Chemical Engineering and received Masters Degree from University of Massachusetts, M.A., U.S.A. He joined his family business of manufacturing and exports of dye intermediates. He expanded the business many fold and created sustainable growth. He has travelled most parts of the world- U.S, U.K., Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, U.A.E, Thailand, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, China and has showcased Mahavir as international level manufacturing company. He was the youngest member of the delegation of CII led by then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee for 3rd Indo EU Summit. He is chairman of Globe Enviro Care Ltd. who is responsible for operating Common Effluent Treatment Plant in the industrial area of Sachin. He is actively associated with Chamber of Commerce and Industries and with the Sachin Industrial Co. Op. Society. He was also president of AICHE- Association of Indian Chemical Engineers – Surat Chapter. He is committed for growth of his business and his team.

  Neha Naik
Upon the completion of her undergraduate degree as a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Mrs. Neha Naik was married into a family with a background in prominent business. Before marriage she gained some work experience by joining her father’s architecture firm along with which she also used to carry out some jobs related to computer programming. Soon, after marriage she enthusiastically took up the worldly duties of a home maker in a well respected Indian family. Mrs. Neha Naik is a mother to two children, and while raising them she also took up the role of a working woman by running small scale summer camp and activity Centers for young children. This experience only increased her appetite for business, which led her to join the family business along with constant encouragement from her husband. While her children were young she worked from home through an ERP and surveillance networking to prioritize her children and their upbringing. This allowed her to partake in HR and banking activities at Mahavir. After her kids came of age and went off to college she joined the office full time and has been an intergalactic part for the past 10 years. In an attempt to polish her business acumen she took up the challenge of implementing ISO 9001:14001:18001 and as a result of her dedicated efforts for a whole year Mahavir is now an IMS certified company. Her responsibilities currently are inclusive of the EHS (Environment Health and safety) department, HR (Human Resources) department and financial administration at Mahavir. She fulfils her role as a part owner of the company by taking regular follow-ups from all departments such as R&N, production, Manufacturing, setting new objectives for Mahavir and planning various training sessions to enhance the skills of employees at Mahavir. She acts as a bridge between the employees and the management. She believes in social welfare at a large scale which has lead her to open and establish Samvedna Charitable Trust which contributes to the society in many ways and also fulfils Mahavir’s CSR obligations. In order to help the society and curb her enthusiasm to always learn and grow she also completed her certification as a doctor in naturopathy. Mrs. Neha Naik has played many roles in her life, loving mother, supportive wife and a successful business woman.

Param Naik
He is the Director of Mahavir Synthesis Private Limited – a 40-year-old Dyestuff Intermediate manufacturing company. Mahavir has newly diversified into the Agricultural and Pharmaceutical market as well with the vision of doing sustainable long-term business. His roles include directly overseeing the three different semi-automated commercial manufacturing facilities, leading the Synthesis section of the R&D division to a new Pharmaceutical direction; and designing and operating the overall Effluent/Wastewater Treatment Plants. Other duties include business expansion, identifying and securing supply chains and various executive, administrative and management roles.
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Mahavir was pioneer in many reactive dyes-intermediates. After establishing the “BRAND – MAHAVIR” in Indian Market, business was expanded in overseas market of dyes-intermediates with the involvement of second generation – Vatsal D. Naik.